Some of us always spend Sundays aimlessly。 We can seldom derive profits from the valuable hours (time) of Sundays。 This is indeed a great pity。
   Though Sundays are set aside as a day for rest, we must make good use of them。 We know that our school lessons are usually not sufficient。
   We should often utilize Sundays to read reference books。 In this way we will increase our knowledge。 Besides, we must be engaged in sports or outing so as to strengthen our bodies。
   我们许多人终是把星期日毫无目的地消度掉。这确实是十分可惜。我们很少能从星期日的宝贵时光中获得益处。虽然星期日是被指定为一个休息的日子,但是我们却应好好利用它。 我们知道我们学校的功课通常是不够的。我们应时常利用星期日来阅读参考书。如此我们的知识就会增加了。